Friday, May 4, 2012

Avoid a Mother's Day Meltdown by Volunteering to do the Laundry

The average American family of four does 8 - 12 loads of laundry per week.  My guess is that the majority of the time it's the matriarch of the household doing the deed. 

If she quit doing the laundry for even 3 days the entire family would take notice.  But she's wise, hard working and compassionate.  She wants her family to be clean and well kept.  She wouldn't halt the laundry just for some recognition.  But Mother's Day is coming up and women have been known to crack under the pressure of the holidays.

I suggest you surprise her with a gift of Leaping Sheep Wool Dryer Balls.  You'll show her how much you care about the families health by getting rid of the toxic dryer sheets.  And while you're at it throw your hat in the ring for laundering duties.  You'll be giving her a much needed break.   

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