Friday, September 7, 2012

  Your little bambino has a diaper rash and it's a doozy. He kicks and screams and shoots you a look of terror as you wipe him clean. Once he's dry and calm you wipe the tears from your own eyes and give the doctor a call. You do not want this rash to cause your baby that much pain again. For either of you for that matter. The doctor's advice, or whatever medical professional you happen to be given the privilege of talking to, for treating a diaper rash usually goes something like this:

1. Change the diaper more frequently

2. Apply a barrier cream

3. Use wet paper towels instead of baby wipes or rinse with running water

4. Allow to air dry before dressing with a new diaper

5. Call back if there are no signs of improvement or symptoms increase That's great advice!

   And I can solemnly swear that it works. But why aren't the causes of the diaper rash addressed? Are our little ones yet another case of treat the symptoms and ignore the causes phenomenon? I say when you're old enough to make your own decisions or if your busy schedule has you in a time constraint go ahead and use the luxuries of the here today gone tomorrow treatments. But be prepared because tomorrow eventually becomes today and you will be facing the same trials all over again.

   Now that can be applied to most areas of our lives, can't it? But this is a dryer ball blog so we'll stick to what we do best. If you'd like to meditate on any of our advice further you're more than welcome to. If you'd like to prevent diaper rash consider the following causes:

1. Allergy to dryer sheets used on babies clothes and cloth diapers - Even the hypoallergenic dryer sheets are basically crude oil and chemicals that leaves a slick film on fabrics to prevent wrinkles.

2. Prolonged wetness due to lack of absorbency in cloth diapers - Leaping Sheep Wool Dryer Balls help retain absorption of diapers

3. Loose bowel movements due to introduction of new solid foods - Introduce new foods based on the three 1's - 1 new food at a time - 1 week at a time - 1 tablespoon at a time

4. Allergies to foods mother has eaten if you are breastfeeding your baby - Common allergens include gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and citrus - Check with your doctor before altering your diet

5. Allergies to formula ingredients - Ask your doctor for suggestions on a gentler formula before switching

6. Sensitivities to ingredients in baby wipes - Make your own wipes -

7. Sensitivities to traditional, throw away diapers - Consider using cloth or organic. As mentioned before your doctor's advice is valuable and proven to work.

But for the sake of your little one try to prevent a rash before it starts. We can't be there to help change diapers but we can help you ditch some of those irritating chemicals your baby may be sensitive to.

Make the switch to Leaping Sheep Wool Dryer Balls from traditional dryer sheets and you're one step closer to a smooth bottom. If your baby or any family member suffers from eczema they may find some skin relief as well. Soon your baby will be sleeping like a baby.

Written by:  Jessica L. Connor

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  1. I completely agree...when my youngest, now 9, was born he had diaper allergy issues. I'd been food healthy for years, but quickly realized what was causing the problems. I started using only one brand of diapers, one brand of paper towels, and a thin layer of barrier cream at night. I switched over to completely "green" household cleaners along with dye/fragrance free laundry products. I cleaned him with only the paper toweling wet with water, and kept a container of corn starch with an old blush brush to apply it with in the diaper bag. I haven't used your dryerballs as of yet, having only recently found your company on FB...but I can't wait to as I miss using dryer sheets.